Cleaning By Nadia Services, LLC


Office Cleaning

The office space is the first image of your business. You can rest assured that we will take care of even the most minimal details of your work space.

Residential Cleaning

We take care of the hard work of tenant management property clean-ups including residential homes.

Carpet Cleaning Services

Need a carpet touch up? or spot cleaning? We can take of that for you. Ask how you can get  discount price when you add your first clean service. 

Daytime Cleaning

Your business is moving all the time and we understand that. We can provide the daily daytime cleaning for your business or home. We pay close attention to health and safety regulations in your area.

Commercial Cleaning

We provide services to commercial businesses on a 24 hours clock. We are changing with times and know time is a sensitivity, we can work around that. Services include sanitation, eating areas, conference rooms, gyms, locker rooms, hallways, and first floor window cleaning.

Night time Cleaning

Can't make it work during the day, or cleaning experts can take care of your need during the night shift. We train teams that will work around changes and routines. 

Emergency Cleaning

We understand that last minute clean-ups can be stressful, we are proud to offer same-day and overnight cleaning with at standard hourly rate. 

Medical Office Cleaning

In the Healthcare environment we understand health and safety is priority. We ensure that our cleaning experts have the proper training to follow all sanitation regulation according to your facility.